Best VPN for China – Jun 2016

Best VPN for China

As a frequent traveler to China, I need to stay on top of the best VPN for China. I work online and need daily access to various Google and Youtube services. In addition, I’m an avid Netflix watcher and Facebook user. I need a China VPN service that not only allows me to complete my work, but also satisfies my entertainment needs.

Today, the best VPN for China, in my experience, is ExpressVPN. Some complain that it’s a little pricey, which I don’t get because month-to-month ExpressVPN currently charges $12.95. That’s the cost of a couple cappuccinos at a Starbucks in Shanghai. Other services may be cheaper, yet may not work as well. Nothing is more annoying than climbing into bed at my in-laws house in Shanxi, Taiyuan to binge-watch some show on Netflix, only to find that the VPN service is too slow, or completely down altogether. Even worse, I need to get work done (I work online), only to find I can’t access Google services or Youtube. I’m willing to spend the equivalent of a latte to get the service I need.

Express VPN is the Best VPN for China

Best VPN for China

Key Features of ExpressVPN

  • Live chat support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • High speed – I have no problems watching Netflix or uploading videos to Youtube.
  • Numerous servers worldwide to choose from –  Los Angeles is best for northern China.
  • Highly reliable – If one server is working, there are always plenty others to choose from.
  • iPhone app – works fantastically (I make Skype calls on my iPhone using VPN)

Known Issues

If you are already in China, you may have trouble accessing the ExpressVPN site. You can easily have a friend or family member help you setup the account and purchase the subscription. But, downloading the software may be a problem. No worries! I have the software here on my site for download.

How I Used Express VPN in China

Here why I think ExpressVPN is the best VPN for China. I used it in China in three ways. First, I teach Chinese online with a virtual charter school. The entire charter school runs on Google. Gmail is our email platform and we use Google docs for sharing assignments. In addition, I’m constantly creating training videos for my students that I upload to Youtube. Obviously, without a reliable VPN service, I am unable to complete my work.

Secondly, I often do work from my iPhone. I shoot video when I’m out and about and then post it to Youtube. I’m also an avid Facebook user when I’m taking the bus or riding in a taxi. The ExpressVPN app works great for this. However, if you have a smart phone in China, be sure to get the best G4 service. Otherwise, the internet will be extremely slow on your mobile device.

The main reason I thought ExpressVPN was the best VPN for China was the ability to watch Netflix, as it is my main source of entertainment. However, Netflix has since changed the ability to use their service through a VPN. I’m so bummed. Regardless, here’s how I used it when it worked. I fall asleep watching Family Guy or American Dad every night. I also enjoy binge-watching series, such as Person of Interest and Breaking Bad. ExpressVPN never let me down. Streaming Netflix is smooth as long as you have a reasonably speedy internet connection. My in-laws have the typical home internet service and I never had a problem streaming Netflix. Also, I like Better Call Saul, the spinoff from Breaking Bad. However, it’s not available on Netflix in the US, but it is available in the UK. So I just select the UK server in ExpressVPN and I was watching Better Call Saul in seconds.

UPDATE: Netflix no longer allows the use of VPN services.

Hide My Ass

  • Key Features of Hide My Ass
  • Pay with Bitcoin
  • Servers in 150+ countries
  • Works on all PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

Known Issues

  • Logs usernames and IP addresses

Questions Concerning VPN in China

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments below. I will do my best to help you. Or, if you think there is another service that you believe is the best VPN for China, please feel free to share.