Free Proxy Server List

Free Proxy Server List


Everybody should use a VPN when surfing the web. Every time you access the Internet you expose yourself in two ways. First, you are identifiable by your IP address. This means that anyone would know how can know that it is you visiting some website. Second, your data is not encrypted. This means that when you access your bank for example, even from home, anyone who is successful in capturing that data as it travels between you and the banking website can decipher it and get your information. Using a VPN to access the web will not only make you anonymous, but it will also encrypt all data between you and whatever site you visit.

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Protect your identity and protect your data by using a VPN service.

In addition, if your work or school blocks website such as Facebook or YouTube, using a be VPN server will unblock those pages for you.

Proxy sites come and go. Here is a free proxy server list. Experiment with them until you find one that serves your needs.


Proxy Servers That Offer a Money-Back Guarantee




Proxy Servers That Offer a Free Trial




Fee-Based Proxy Servers



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