How To Send Email Anonymously – Avoid This Mistake!

The average, non-tech savvy individual will likely read an article on how to send email anonymously, think they know what they are doing, and then go on sending an email that isn’t anonymous at all.
Read the following very carefully before trying to send that nasty email to your boss, only to be fired the next day.Below, I will outline how to send email anonymously based on your needs. There are several kinds of services with varying levels of features. This article will help you choose between the TWO that can solve your current problem.

Do This First Before Sending Anonymous Email

how-to-send-email-anonymouslyBefore getting started, you have to hide your IP address. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means. Just know that your unique IP address identifies your current connection to the Internet and is associated with everything you do during a given Internet session. For example, there is a way to check the IP address of the sender of an email that you receive. So even if you create a fake email account with fake name and fake credentials, the sender could still find out who sent the email using the IP address. Some articles on the web showing how to send email anonymously either leave this important part out, or don’t emphasize it enough for the laywoman.


How to Hide Your IP Address for Free

hide-your-ip-addressThe most simple and free way to hide your IP address is to use this popular service recommended by publications such as Forbes, the Guardian and the Bloomberg. Keep in mind, that free services such as these are good enough for sending and receiving email. However, if you want to listen to music, watch movies, or download large files, you will have to pay a small monthly fee for more robust service.

How To Send Email Anonymously

Choose the step-by-step instructions below depending on the kind of anonymous emailing you need to do.

How To Send Email Anonymously with Attachments – Long Term, But Less Secure Option


This is the full concierge service. However, keep in mind that the depending on your needs this approach may not be desirable. Any email that you send and receive through this approach will be sitting in an inbox on some server. If someone is actively looking for your anonymous email, they could get lucky and happen upon it. For example, you leave your computer unattended while you are logged in to your anonymous email account. And of course, the email service you use will scan your inbox to decide what advertisements to serve up to you. So depending on your needs you need to be careful.

Other anonymous emails services have self-destruct features, kind of like Snapchat, so that once you send your email there is no record of it on your end. The disadvantage of these services is that you can only send emails. In some cases you cannot send attachments, and there is no way to receive a reply.

So let’s get to it:

how to send email anonymously


Step 1- Hide Your IP Address

First, you need to hide your IP address. Visit this service that I already mentioned above and select a country. You will want to choose the country that you are currently in as this will ensure the speediest connection.


Step 2- Register a Fake Email Address

For this part you can use any popular web-based email service, such as Gmail or Yahoo. However, these services require an optional email address and cell phone number during the sign-up process. If you are just trying to communicate with a classmate that you have a crush on but are too embarrassed to talk to, then this is the way to go. On the other hand, if there’s any chance that a tech savvy individual manned up coming after you, then I would recommend signing up for an account at This service does not require an optional email address nor telephone number.

Step 3- Start Sending Email

A- Be sure you are still surfing through

B- Log into your fake email account.

C- Start sending and receiving email with attachments.

Some Precautions

Never, EVER log into your fake email account without first hiding your IP address. People who think they know how to send email anonymously often make this mistake and can end up revealing their identity as a result. Logging in just once will create a permanent record that the fake email account was accessed from your IP address. If that happens, all your hard work to remain anonymous will be wasted.

I would highly recommend deleting all the emails you send and receive. You likely do not want someone accidentally seeing them while your computer is unattended.

It would be best, however, if you simply closed down the account when you are done with it. Before closing the account, delete all sent and received emails first. Some email services have a feature that allow you to re-open your account with all the emails that were in your inbox and sent box still intact.


I Want to Send and Receive Email Anonymously with Attachments – Short Term and Extremely Secure Option

This option is the quickest and most secure way to send an anonymous email, and it allows attachments too. It doesn’t require you to sign up for an email account. The only disadvantage is any email sent or received will be deleted in an hour.

Step 1- Hide Your IP Address

Like above, first hide your IP address by going to hide my

Step 2- Go To Guerrilla Mail

For this option we will be using Guerrilla Mail. Simply go to and compose an email. You can add an attachment if you want and then hit the send button. The email you sent will self-destruct in an hour from when you sent it (but it will stay on the receiver’s inbox unless and until they delete it). Should you get a reply back, keep in mind that that will also be automatically deleted one hour after receipt.

There is no more secure way of sending email than this.

This is also a good option for two or more people who want to communicate with each other without leaving a record.

Just remember… always hide your IP address first.