Windows Users! Uninstall QuickTime NOW!!

You have no doubt heard that Apple is no longer supporting QuickTime for Windows, and that therefore you should uninstall it. Now, the Department of Homeland Security is chiming in. I’m thinking it might be a good idea that you uninstall QuickTime for Windows sooner than later.


Windows Users!! Uninstall QuickTime NOW!

The government warning came after two new security bugs were identified in the software. Trend micro, a top cyber security firm, said that the bugs could be used to launch attacks from a compromised system, however, no known attacks have yet been launched.

This warning does not apply to Mac QuickTime users, for which Apple is still proving support and security updates.

Are you wondering how to uninstall QuickTime? Look no further:
1- Open Control Panel
2- Click on “Programs”
3- Click on “Uninstall a Program”
4- Search for “QuickTime”, select it and then select “uninstall”

Do it now!!!

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